(302) 739-4206
(302) 739-5661
Haslet Armory
122 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard South
Dover, DE 19901
Office Hours
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Kyle Baranski (02) Judicial
(10-07) Criminal Justice Council / DELJIS
(15) Legal
(38) Correction
(45) Safety and Homeland Security
(75) Fire
(76) National Guard
Local Law Enforcement Technology
Erin Innes (10-03) Delaware Economic Development Office
(10-08) State Housing Authority
(11) Information and Technology
(25) Finance
(55) Transportation
(70) Elections
First State Budgeting Coordination
Statewide Technology Coordination
Valorie Luke (01) Legislative
(10-01) Office of the Governor
(12) Other Elective
Melissa Marlin (37) Children, Youth and Their Families
(40) Natural Resources and Enviromental Control
(60) Labor
(65) Agriculture
Compensation and OEC Analysis
First State Budgeting Coordination
Regina Mitchell (10-02) Office of Management and Budget
(20) State
(35) Health and Social Services
Compensation and OEC Analysis
Contingencies and One Time Items
Tobacco Fund Coordination
Mary Wilson (77) Exceptional Citizens
(90) Higher Education
(95) Education
Compensation and OEC Analysis
DCET Board
Equalization Committee
Interagency Collaborative Team (ICT)
Interagency Resource Management Committee
John Nauman Chief of Financial Management Services
Debt Service
Damian DeStefano Capital Budget Coordinator
Bryan Sullivan Director of Management Efficiency
Gwen McElrath Executive Secretary and Epilogue Coordination
Laura Gott Budget Coordinator
Allison Kowalchick Office Manager
Syd Swann, Information Systems Manager
Bob Hunter, Network and User Support Manager
Charles Wilmire, Web and Application Development Manager
Dave Cotullas Felicia Dalton
Amy Homa Chris Horton
William Krespan Dave Okonewski
Jay Rostaing Joe Zammetti