Budget Development
Our team facilitates the preparation and implementation of the Governor's budget and policy agenda through the integration of objective fiscal and policy analysis, program evaluation, financial management and coordination of grants. We assist agencies in the planning and implementation of operational programs and capital projects affecting all Delawareans. In addition to managing the State's budget process, the unit manages the Delaware State Clearinghouse function for the application of federal grants. In addition, our staff is responsible for developing and administering the Cash Management Improvement Act governing the manner in which agencies obtain federal funds and for preparing the annual Statewide Cost Allocation Plan.
Office of State Planning Coordination
The Office of State Planning Coordination works closely with and staffs the Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues. The Office of State Planning Coordination's mission is the continuous improvement of the coordination and effectiveness of land use decisions made by state, county, and municipal governments while building and maintaining a high quality of life in the State of Delaware.