System Roles

There are two types of agency users in the system: Data Entry and View Only.

Data Entry Roles

Agency Data Entry

  • Data Entry Users will enter the bulk of all data.
  • When a workflow is published, it is the Data Entry User that must initiate the process.
  • Completed work is then submitted to the Agency Approver to be marked as approved.

Agency Approvers

  • Agency Approvers can only make changes for work that has been set as "in process" by Data Entry users.
  • Once the Data Entry User submits an IPU for approval, the Agency Approver cannot edit the content. At that point they may only accept to complete or reject to send it back to the Data Entry User.
  • At the end of workflow Agency Approvers have to approve the work for it to be marked as complete.

Report Only Role

  • The Report Only User will be able to view, print, or export to Excel all reports during the budget request process (BREQ category).
  • Report Only User may access the Recommend (BREC) and Final (BFIN) categories reports when they are complete.
  • Report Only User may produce the production quality submission reports.

Note: Data analysis will be greatly enhanced using Excel functionality. The BREQ-Data report can be used to export all the data within the Report Only User's security profile and be analyzed with pivot tables

For additional details please see the following section: workflow.