Local Government and Private Organizations

Any local government or private organization that is seeking federal financial assistance for an activity within the State of Delaware must submit grant information to the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for Intergovernmental Review and should request a State Application Identifier (SAI) number using the link below. When the number is issued, additional information will be requested for the Intergovernmental Review.

Request Your SAI Number

With the SAI number assignment email, additional instructions will be provided for submission of an application packet to the SPOC. Submission documents include the Federal OMB-SF 424 application, the project budget details and the project narrative. All grant packet submissions should be sent via email to  and must include the assigned SAI number in the subject line. Packets are reviewed within 60 days. Written comments are provided upon request.

Note: The process outlined above applies to local government and private organizations only. State agencies applying for federal and nonfederal grants must follow state procedures as established by the Delaware State Clearinghouse Committee per Delaware Code, Title 29, Chapter 76.