(302) 739-4206
(302) 739-5661
Haslet Armory
122 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard South
Dover, DE 19901
Office Hours
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Kyle Baranski (02) Judicial
(10-07) Criminal Justice Council / DELJIS
(15) Legal
(38) Correction
(45) Safety and Homeland Security
FSF Coordinator - Close Out / Start Up
Local Law Enforcement Technology
Statewide Initiatives (Energy, Fleet, etc.)
Compensation and OEC Analysis (CBAs)

Backs up: Emily Thomas
Alaina Egolf (11) Information and Technology
(20) State
(70) Elections
(75) Fire
(76) National Guard
(77) Exceptional Citizens
(90) Higher Education
(95-06) DACCTE
Statewide Technology Coordination
Backs up: Erin Innes
Erin Innes (10-08) State Housing Authority
(25) Finance
(55) Transportation
(65) Agriculture
Statewide Initiatives (Energy, Fleet, etc) Back Up
Capital Back Up
Debt Service Back Up

Backs up: Alaina Egolf
Melissa Marlin (37) Children, Youth and Their Families
(95) Education
Compensation and OEC Analysis Back Up
Interagency Collaborative Team (ICT)
Equalization Committee
Compensation and OEC Analysis - Education

Backs up: Regina Mitchell
Regina Mitchell (01) Legislative
(10-01) Office of the Governor
(10-02) Office of Management and Budget
(16) Human Resources
(40) Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Contingencies and One-Time Items
Compensation and OEC Analysis
PHRST Coordinator / Liaison

Backs up: Melissa Marlin
Emily Thomas (12) Other Elective
(35) Health and Social Services
(60) Labor
Tobacco Fund Coordinator
SEBC Back Up
Grant-in-Aid Back Up

Backs up: Kyle Baranski
Damian DeStefano Capital Budget Coordinator
Cali Engelsiepen Financial Management Services
Bryan Sullivan Director of Management Efficiency
Laura Gott Budget Coordinator
Cindy Rule Administrative Assistant